Founded in Berlin in 1994 as a construction company, Viam developed several commercial and residential projects in Germany until 2004, when it started Asset Management services on behalf of HNWIs and institutional investors. While concentrating its own investment activity on various properties in Germany, in 2009 Viam Holding co-founded Threestones Capital entering the Fund-management business and soon becoming one of the leading investors in health care Real Estate in Europe.

​In 2015 the Group entered the hospitality and wine sectors by investing in Meneghetti d.o.o, a leading wine producer in Croatia. Stancija Meneghetti also operates a luxury hotel in Istria which is member of the prestigious global fellowship Relais & Chateaux.

In order to catch the positive trends of Italian real estate market, in 2016 Threestones Capital Group expanded its property management activity to Italy through its subsidiary TSC Property Management Srl, based in Rome. 

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​Our mission is to invest in high quality performing businesses and assets in order to maximise returns and expectations of our partners and investors throughout social and environmental responsibility. We offer assorted varieties of investments that are oriented according to the demands and needs of our investors. Our exclusive expertise in Real Estate and Health Care sectors allows us to achieve realistic and significant performances while minimising risks.

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Viam Group is a Pan-European conglomerate of companies with stable presence in Luxembourg, Switzerland, Croatia, Italy, and Germany and an entrepreneurial story based on more than 20 years of experience. Viam focuses on long-term investments in real estate, fund management, hospitality, and health
​care sectors.

Viam's objective is to create value through enduring and sustainable growth based on a focused entrepreneurial approach with a budgetary discipline and a sound financial management. It sets and controls the strategy and the development of its companies, improving their competitive position and profitability fully respecting their operating autonomy and maintaining our fundamental ethical values.